Product Overview


Adapter Types:

  • AT267B- Equipped with two 6 pos., 4-cond. jacks and one 6-pos., 4 cond. plug. wired for connecting 2 telephones and/or ancillary devices to separate outside lines through a single 4-conductor modular jack wired for terminating 2 lines
  • AT267C- Equipped with one 6 pos., 2-cond. jack for modem, one 6-pos., 4 cond. jack for voice transmission and one 6-pos., 4-cond. plug with the tip and ring bridged to both jacks. Designed to combine voice and data trans. through a single modular jack.
  • AT267C-WE- Equipped with two 6-pos., 2 cond. jacks and one 6-pos., 4-cond. plug. designed to split 2 telephone lines from a single modular jack to 2 individual modular jacks.
  • AT267E- Equipped with two 6-pos., 6-cond. jacks and one 6-pos., 6-cond. plug. Provides connection for two 6-pos., 6-cond. line cords wired to a single 6-pos., 6-cond. modular plug.
  • AT267-SB- Equipped with one 6-pos., 4-cond. jack, one 8-cond. jack with shorting bars on pins 1-4 and 5-8 and a 6-pos., 4-cond. plug. Designed to permit quick connection of one telephone and one automatic dialer to the same line without changing the existing installation.

Product Details

Country of Origin
TW - Taiwan