Allen Tel Products, Inc. Announces Release of Cat 6 Slim Patch Cords

Allen Tel Products, Inc., a leading supplier of complete standards compliant structured connectivity products, is introducing Cat 6 Slim (Small OD) Patch Cords featuring a smaller cable fill for increased density and flexibility.

The new Allen Tel 28 AWG cords are approximately 0.14 in diameter and offer increased bend-radius flexibility. The 28 AWG stranded conductors provide standards-compliant performance when up to 20 feet of patch cord is used in a standard 295-foot (90 meter) channel. Custom colors and lengths are available, including Cat 6A 28AWG SLIM.

Speaking about the new product, Allen Tel Senior Vice President, Strategic Account Management said, “At Allen Tel, we strive to create products our customers need, but can’t purchase from other communication products suppliers. With the new Cat 6 Slim Patch Cords, customers can customize their communications system and enjoy greater flexibility.”

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